‘The Sari’, which is one of the most versatile attires, is today considered as ‘traditional’ or sometimes even ‘outdated’.
But what we have forgotten is that, it was intentionally designed to celebrate the multifaceted nature of women. ‘The Sari’ needs no revival but only a reminder of who we are and what it stands for.
India houses some of the best known art forms of hand weaving, which are over a thousand years old and boasts of artists & weavers who are exceptionally talented, and carry with them an incredible legacy.
‘Tales of Kanjivaram Weaves’ is an initiative launched by ‘The Silk Line’ a brand of Kanjivaram weaves, to encourage, inspire, and revive the story of one of oldest weaving communities from a small dusty town called ‘Kanchipuram’ in South India. By sharing stories of people today and their experiences with saris, we aim to continue celebrating ‘The Sari’.